2 Benefits Of Choosing A Granite Headstone When Making Your Final Plans

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While you may want to live forever, you know that you will eventually leave this world. Because of this, you may have decided that you want to go ahead and make your final plans to take the responsibility and stress off of your family members.

As part of your planning, you may be looking at what type of marker you would like to have for your gravesite. When it comes to choosing the material, consider the benefits of choosing a headstone made from granite.

1. Granite Is Highly Resistant to Adverse Weather Conditions and Impact Damage

One benefit of choosing granite as the stone from which your grave marker is constructed is that it is highly resistant to damage. Because the granite is hard and has low porosity, it is able to withstand adverse weather conditions for years as well as able to resist impact damage.

Unlike marble, granite is also not prone to scratching. Because of these characteristics, a headstone made from granite will last much longer than other stones, allowing you to have a memorial monument that your family members and future generations will be able to visit and still read without having to worry about damaged lettering.

2. Granite Is Easier to Keep Clean and Maintain than Other Stone Materials

Another benefit of using granite for your grave marker is that it is easier to clean and maintain than other stone materials. With other stones, dirt, grime, and even moss will become embedded in the surface pores, making it necessary to scrub the grave marker to help keep it clean.

However, since granite has a low porosity level, moss roots will not grow into the stone so any found on the gravestone can easily be pulled off. Dirt and grime will also not become embedded, so the granite can be cleaned quickly and easily with soapy water.

When trying to decide on what type of stone you wish for your grave marker, consider selecting a headstone made from granite so that it will last through years of adverse weather conditions. It also requires little effort to keep the stone clean and maintained, making it easier for your loved ones to preserve the beauty of the marker without putting in a lot of work. Speak with a representative of a funeral home that offers granite grave monuments for more information and to find out more about the available options.