2 Factors To Consider Before You Book A Direct Cremation

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The responsibility to make a critical decision after losing a loved one is hard, more so if you are alone. Direct cremation is the most affordable type of cremation service. You can get peace of mind when you obtain all the relevant information about cremation beforehand.

While you may choose the first cremation service provider you find, you will likely find a better one if you do a little additional research. Listed below are factors to help guide your choice of direct cremation services.

1. Cost and Transparency

Often, direct cremations don't include an attended funeral service. That said, you won't incur additional charges in funeral director fees, hearse, celebrant, etc. Even so, the basic fees such as a coffin, crematorium charges, and doctor's fee, if applicable, still hold. Prices tend to vary from one funeral provider to another.

You can compare prices with research on a few funeral providers and their charges. It will be beneficial to understand what the providers include in the service package and what they don't. If you don't have sufficient funds, please reach out to the funeral director, who can guide you on other options.

Transparent prices are paramount before you book a direct cremation provider. Courtesy requires all providers to be open about their charges and avoid hidden costs. Still, you should ensure that a package with fewer services than anticipated doesn't surprise you. Also, you need to inquire about the terms and conditions that come along with the price package.

2. Service Provider Background

You may find it hard to get the real feel about the qualities of a cremation service. Still, you can ask some questions to understand the company's structure. Questions to guide you include:


You need to make the necessary cremation arrangements soon as you have a plan. With direct cremations and funeral arrangements in general, you have a short time to decide on the most suitable plan. But, the factors discussed above go a long way to guide you before you book a provider.