Top Reasons to Choose Granite for Grave Monuments

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Choosing a grave monument can be challenging for many individuals. They may be concerned about wanting to ensure that their loved ones' final resting place is perfect. Some studious individuals choose their monuments and epitaphs prior to their deaths. This kind gesture can relieve their loved ones with time to grieve and reflect instead of trying to make decisions regarding the monuments. 

Grave monuments can be made from a variety of materials. Granite is among the top chosen materials, and there are many reasons why individuals choose granite monument headstones. The following points are a few reasons that granite is a popular material choice. 


Granite is typically available in wide abundance. There are many quarries throughout the country that provide granite to businesses to be used for a variety of purposes, and grave monuments are one of the top uses for granite.


Many individuals think of granite as a light or dark gray rock material. However, it can be color-enhanced to produce other hues. It is possible to color the entire monument another color. However, many individuals choose to highlight certain portions of monuments in color and leave the remainder of the monument in its natural color. For example, a monument with a heart might have a red-colored heart and gold inscriptions. 


Granite has unique characteristics. It is hard to break because it is composed of several minerals. The mineral composition makes granite more resistant to chips and scratches than some other options, which is important because most individuals expect granite monuments to last indefinitely. There are old cemeteries with granite monuments that are centuries old. The durability of today's grave monuments is further enhanced by the manufacturing processes that add a glossy sealant, which offers additional protection.

High Resistance

Some monument materials do not respond well to certain weather and climate conditions. Granite is ideal for all types of weather and climate conditions. Families who cannot tend to their loved one's graves often will appreciate granite grave monuments because they are stain-resistant. The family can rest assured that dirt or other substances can be easily cleaned away when they return to the gravesite. Granite is a durable material, but it is also a dense material. This quality is what aids in making it weather resistant. It is also the reason why it can repel stains. 

Families do not have to rush to make a decision regarding the grave monuments for their loved ones. A funeral home or monument salesperson are good resources to use when it is time to discuss monuments. They can help with comparing materials, choosing a design, and selecting or creating an epitaph. Keep these tips in mind when looking for grave monuments near you.