3 Ways To Personalize Funeral Pre-Arrangement Plans

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When you pre-arrange for your own funeral in the future, you are not just putting a down payment on a cemetery plot and the services provided by a funeral home. You have a chance to put your personal touch on the funeral and put ideas into writing so they are executed properly at the time of your passing.

Learn about three ways to personalize your funeral arrangement plans and how you can set up everything for yourself.

1. Gravestone Design

You can have your headstone design all planned out and approved as part of the pre-arrangement process. With custom gravestone features, you can add text, etched photos, and other personalizations. For example, you can add one of your favorite quotes on the gravestone. If you have a spouse or life-partner, then you may choose to include them on the plot.

Some cemeteries have restrictions on the stone design, so you can get the approval done way beforehand and know exactly what stone will appear in the cemetery. On top of the gravestone design, you may get to reserve your exact plot so you will know the location of the final resting place.

2. Memorial Music

Wakes, funerals, and memorial services are typically accompanied by music. If you have specific songs you want to play for your funeral services, then you can arrange this ahead of time with a funeral home. The workers will have your saved lists of tracks and you can make things easier by creating a disc or USB drive featuring the various songs.

With the song selection, you can pick your favorites and loved ones can feel connected to you by hearing the special songs you picked out. You may even type out an accompanying text to go along with the songs and explain what each song means to you. A funeral home can hand out copies to guests at a service.

3. Flower Arrangements

Pick and plan out ideal flower arrangements for your funeral. You can choose what flowers you want to appear around a casket or at a funeral home. Like the rest of the funeral services, you can prepay for the flower arrangements and have everything ready to go. 

One area you can focus on is near the casket or urn. Many funerals will feature a sympathy wreath with flower designs. Even if you do not know specific flower names, you can choose colors to feature in the arrangement. For example, you can choose your favorite colors or the colors from a college you attended.

The more you plan, the easier it will be for loved ones to move ahead with your funeral arrangements. For more information about funeral pre-arrangement plans, contact a local funeral home.