3 Reasons To Consider Cremation

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While thinking about your own mortality is often uncomfortable, it can also be quite empowering to plan your own funeral arrangements ahead of time. Instead of ignoring your eventual death, you are putting careful thought into your end of life wishes and making specific plans to ensure your family knows exactly what you wanted. When making end of life plans, don't overlook the option of cremation, which offers many benefits. Here are three of the biggest reasons to consider cremation.

Cremation Saves You and Your Family Money

One of the main benefits of cremation versus a burial is that it's significantly less expensive. In fact, a simple cremation without a service can cost less than a thousand dollars.  When you consider that a cremation doesn't involve the major expenses of purchasing a burial plot or buying a casket, it makes sense that this option saves you money. Whether you are planning to pay for your own funeral arrangements ahead of time or are looking to save your family money, either way choosing cremation should relieve your worries about the expense.

A Cremation is a Simpler Option

Many people find that cremation is a simpler and more flexible option. If an elaborate funeral ceremony along with a burial plot and headstone aren't really your style, a cremation may feel like a better fit. A cremation urn can be brought anywhere, allowing your loved ones to keep it in their home with them or bring it wherever it's most convenient.

Alternatively, you can opt to have your ashes scattered in a beautiful place that holds special meaning for you, like a forest or the ocean. Just be sure to check the regulations for the place you have in mind.

A Cremation May Be a More Eco-Friendly Option

Another major benefit of cremation is that it's often seen as more environmentally friendly than a traditional burial because it doesn't involve the use of harsh embalming chemicals or the use of land. For those who try to be eco-friendly and green in their daily decisions and consumer choices, it makes sense to carry this sense of responsibility into your plans for after your death as well.

As you can see, cremation offers many potential benefits for those planning their end of life options. By opting for a cremation funeral and planning ahead, you will save your family significant money and gain peace of mind at the same time.