Help In Planning Your Funeral Service

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Have you decided that you want to be cremated at the time of your death? Perhaps you have even taken things another step by wanting to plan your entire funeral service. If that's the case, you are more than likely lifting a tremendous burden from the loved ones you are leaving behind. After all, they will be grieving your passing.

The fact that they won't have to plan the funeral service will probably be greatly appreciated. And, if you pay for all of the funeral services while you are still alive, that will be a great blessing, too. From writing your own eulogy and selecting the music for your funeral service to planning a visual display of your life, here are some ideas that might help you to plan your own funeral service. 

Plan The Written Words - While you might write your own eulogy, of course, you'll need to have a friend or a family member actually read it. Think of asking more than one person to do the honors. If you ask just one person, consider the fact that he or she might not be available at the time of your death. Have you thought of what you want to include in your eulogy?

Besides including things like the date of your birth and where you were born, think of sharing all of the different places you have lived. That will be especially meaningful if you have traveled extensively, say if you served in the armed forces. Think of writing a letter to those in attendance. In the letter, you could write words of appreciation and love. Also, think of including tender and amusing anecdotes in the letter, or in a regular eulogy. 

Plan The Music - What do you want the focus of the music to be? For example, if you are a religious person, perhaps a Christian, you could select traditional hymns like Holy, Holy, Holy or Amazing Grace. If you are deeply patriotic, consider adding songs that reflect the love you have for your country. Or, you might want something totally different, say songs like I Had It My Way or Somewhere Over the Rainbow. 

Plan The Visual Display - Consider making a detailed list of things you want to be included in a visual display. The display could have things like photographs from the time you were born until the present day. Personal awards, certificates of achievement, and other documents that represent your life could also be part of the display. Even objects can tell a story of your life. For example, if you are a pianist, sheet music could be included in the display. If you are an artist, one or more of your creations could also be added to the display.

For more information on cremation options, contact your local funeral home.