Is It Time For Grief Counseling?

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Remember when you went to the funeral of a person who was very dear to you, maybe your spouse, a brother or sister, or even your own child? Maybe you had been told that the funeral would bring you closure, that it would be the first step to getting on with your life. Well, that might have turned out to be partially true, but then why are you feeling like the hurt will never go away? That might be the question you are asking yourself several times a day. From writing down your memories of your beloved person who has passed away to attending grief counseling in your area, here are some things that might help to strengthen your emotional state.

Write It Down

Have you ever heard that writing things down sometimes helps in many situations? That might be especially true when you have had a loss. Consider gathering many photographs of the deceased person and set them aside. Now get paper and a pen and, taking one picture at a time, write down the memories you have of what was happening when that picture was taken. For example, there might be a picture of your loved one holding the hand of one of your children. Write down where they were at the time the time the picture was taken. Were you there, too? If so, write down your feelings about that experience. Another way to write your feelings is to write a letter to the person who has died. In the letter, express your love and appreciation for the times you spent together. If you are angry at that person over an unresolved problem, write that down and try to work out a plan of forgiving that person, or vice versa.

Grief Counseling

Of course, you have probably talked to many people who have offered comfort. However, have you ever considered being part of a grief counseling group? Your ecclesiastical leader at your church, or maybe even your family doctor, can lead you to a group whose focus is on helping each other get through difficult times. At the grief counseling sessions you may meet people who have also lost a loved one to death. However, you may find others who are going through a difficult life change, maybe divorce.The grief counseling leader will have the training and the experiences to direct questions to the group in a way that will encourage feelings to be expressed honestly. Don't be surprised if you end up bringing a measure of joy to others in your group.

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