5 Reasons You Should Consider Direct Cremation

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While no one really wants to think about what will happen to their body after death, it is a lot easier on your loved ones if you make this decision for yourself while you are still alive. If you don't make your wishes known, then your family members will be left to wonder whether you would want a traditional funeral service, cremation with a memorial service, or a direct cremation without a formal service at all.

If you are cost conscious and want to be cremated, then a direct cremation is a great option. If you are not familiar with the direct cremation process, below are five reasons it is one of the most popular options today.

Reason #1: Direct Cremation Is a Lot Cheaper Than Any Other Option

Since your body goes directly from the hospital or coroner's office to the crematorium without a funeral home's involvement, direct cremation is the least expensive option for disposing of your remains. In fact, direct cremation is often many times less expensive than even the least expensive funeral home services.

Reason #2: An Expensive Casket Is Unnecessary

While you would need a casket for viewings or a funeral service, this purchase is completely unnecessary for a direct cremation. With a direct cremation, your body will be cremated in a simple container that no one will ever see.

Reason #3: Extra Services Such as Cosmetology or Embalming Are Unnecessary

Since your body will not be viewed or held over many days for burial, there is never a need for cosmetology or embalming services with a direct cremation. This saves a lot of money for your family.

Reason #4: You Can Provide a Custom Urn for Your Remains with Direct Cremation

If you want your ashes placed into a special urn or container, then this is allowed with direct cremations. Your family simply needs to provide the urn to the crematorium, and your ashes will be returned to them in the container they have provided without any additional cost. 

Reason #5: Your Friends and Family can Celebrate Your Life with a Big Party or Another Event

Finally, just because you decide that a direct cremation makes sense for the final disposition of your body, there isn't any reason your friends and family can't get together and have a big party or another event to celebrate your life. And the best part is they can plan the party independent of your cremation schedule. 

​To set up your wishes, contact a cremation center, such as Delaware Valley Cremation Center, to learn more about direct cremation.