Three Reasons To Choose An Outdoor Columbarium For Your Loved One's Cremated Remains

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If your loved one has been cremated and you're thinking of the different ways to deal with the urn of cremated remains, you might be considering placing them in a columbarium. This structure, which is common at lots of cemeteries, is filled with small enclosures known as niches. The urn is placed inside the niche, and you can have the outer cover of the niche engraved with your loved one's name and any other relevant information, much as you might with a headstone. You'll commonly find indoor and outdoor columbariums. Here are some reasons to consider an outdoor one.

It Can Be More Tranquil

Although an outdoor columbarium might not seem as tranquil as an indoor one, this is often not the case. If you happen to be visiting an indoor columbarium at the same time as other people paying their respects, the hard surfaces inside this space can make voices echo significantly. The result can be that while you're trying to quietly have a personal moment in front of your loved one's niche, you can be easily distracted by the noise around you. Although an outdoor columbarium will have outdoor sounds such as the wind blowing, this can often be a quieter space for you to visit.

You Might Appreciate Spending Time Outside

One of the nice things about visiting a cemetery to see a loved one's headstone is being outside. For example, on a sunny summer day, you might wish to take a picnic blanket and sit in front of the headstone for a while. A similar situation presents itself when you opt for an outdoor columbarium. With benches nearby, you and your family can take a seat in front of the niche that contains your loved one's cremated remains and enjoy being outside.

You Can Always Visit

At some cemeteries, indoor columbariums close at a certain time each evening and reopen the following morning. Conversely, outdoor columbariums never specifically close, and as long as the cemetery remains open, you can always visit. Not all cemeteries are open outside of regular business hours, but those that are smaller commonly are open to visitors around the clock. When you choose to place your loved one's cremated remains inside an outdoor columbarium, you can feel confident that whenever you wish to visit to pay your respects, doing so is possible. For example, perhaps you're passing through the area in the evening and wish to visit.