Think About A Dusk Burial Service For These Unique Circumstances

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Although there's no "right" way to approach managing a funeral and burial for a recently deceased loved one, you'll often find that a conventional approach is to organize a funeral for early in the afternoon, and then travel to the cemetery for the burial soon afterward. Sometimes, everyone in attendance at the funeral will be invited to attend the burial; in other cases, it will be only for family members. While an afternoon burial service might work, you can also consider having one at dusk. Depending on the time of the year and where you live, dusk could be late in the afternoon or even 7 or 8 p.m. Provided that the cemetery can accommodate you, here are some unique advantages that this time can provide:

Fewer People In The Cemetery

It's nice for the cemetery — and, in particular, the space around your loved one's burial plot —not be sparsely occupied during the burial service. During the daytime, you'll often find more people visiting the graves of their loved ones, and you might even find that another burial service is taking place nearby. Scheduling this event for dusk means that there's less of a chance of running into these issues, which can help you to focus more on the service for your loved one without being distracted.

Ability To Decorate With Candles

It's conventional to use some decorations when you have the burial service. For example, you might place some floral arrangements around the gravesite or even set up a table or stand with a photo of your deceased loved one. At dusk, you get the unique opportunity to decorate with candles. A series of candles placed in specific areas around the gravesite can cast a respectful glow on the surroundings and make the proceedings feel more special for everyone in attendance.

Less Of A Need To "Entertain" People Afterward

Following an afternoon burial, you may feel as though you need to spend time with people who have attended the service — especially if they've traveled from out of town. This can be taxing on you, especially after you've likely just gone through several days of funeral planning while perhaps putting off your own grieving process to tend to the task at hand. If you opt for a dusk burial service, it's easier to get out of post-service gatherings by saying that you need to go home and get some rest.

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