Four Ways To Decorate Your Loved One's Headstone

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As you visit your loved one's gravesite, you may want to lay flowers or place decorations near the headstone as a way to observe holidays or anniversaries. There are many ways you can decorate the headstone and surrounding area. Use this guide to help you find decorating ideas for your loved one's grave:

Floral Saddles

Placing flowers on top of the headstone can be a beautiful way to remember your loved one, and it can also ensure that the cemetery maintenance crew won't have to remove your flowers when they trim the grass. These saddles sit on top of the headstone and have legs featuring rubber stops that keep the saddle upright. You can place any number of floral arrangements in the saddle, or you can use floral foam block and fresh or silk flowers to create your own arrangements.


Wreaths offer a beautiful way to celebrate each season of the year, and they also let you create beautiful holiday displays. Invest in a sturdy metal wreath hanger designed for headstones, and simply switch out the wreaths throughout the year. Make the wreaths on your own with supplies from your local craft store, or work with your florist to create special designs for each major holiday. An Independence day wreath might feature red and white flowers with blue ribbon, while an Easter wreath might consist of ferns and Easter lilies.

Planter Boxes

Instead of leaving flowers that will need to be removed at some point, consider creating a living decoration for your loved one's headstone. You can place a small planter box in front of the stone, or you can use a heavy-duty floral saddle to place a planter box on the top of the headstone. You can then plant your loved one's favorite flowers, so there is always a beautiful plant blooming in his or her honor.

American Flags

If your loved one was a member of the military, you may want to honor him or her throughout the year by placing an American flag near the headstone. You can do this for Veterans Day, Independence Day, and Memorial Day. Be sure to check with your cemetery first, as there are some charitable organizations that arrange for wreaths and flags at various cemeteries.

You'll want to check with the cemetery before using any of these ideas, as there may be restrictions on the types of decorations you can use. Once you know what you are permitted to place at the headstone, use these ideas to pay loving tribute to your dearly departed.

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