Cremation Topics To Think About When You Preplan Your Funeral

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If you're preplanning your funeral arrangements in an effort to save your surviving family members the challenge of making key decisions during an emotionally difficult time, there are several things to think about. A big choice that you'll need to make is whether you want to be buried or cremated. If you opt for the latter, you'll want to give some thought to how your family should proceed once it receives your cremated remains. Some people wish to have the remains scattered, while others prefer for them to be kept with family. This isn't the only decision that you need to make, however. Here are some other things to think about.

Before Or After Funeral

A significant decision that you'll need to make when preplanning your funeral is whether you want your body to be cremated before or after the funeral service. There's no right answer here — some people wish to have their body displayed in a casket during the funeral, and then cremated soon afterward. For other people, the idea of being cremated soon after death and having the cremated remains displayed in an urn during the funeral is favorable.

People Present During The Cremation

When they think of cremation, some people imagine a deceased person's body being taken to the crematorium and cremated in private. However, this isn't necessarily the way it has to be. What some people don't know is that family members can be present during the cremation. Because crematorium viewing rooms are generally small, it's helpful for you to decide who you want present at the cremation; in many cases, there may only be room for the immediate family. It can provide you with a feeling of comfort to know that your family members will be present as your body is cremated.

Funeral Or Memorial Service

Although many people who opt for cremation favor some manner of a traditional funeral, you don't have to necessarily go this route. One alternative to consider is for a memorial service to be held in your honor. Memorial services can be held at the funeral home or in any number of locations, but aren't often held right after the death. Instead, you might opt for this service to take place weeks or months after your passing. A memorial service is often more of a celebration of life than a funeral; if you want people to be happy about the full life you led, this type of service may be best for you. It pairs well with cremation because the cremated remains, unlike a body that needs to be buried, can be kept for a long time until the memorial service is held.

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