Parting Gifts To Provide To Funeral Attendees

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A nice way to show people who attend the funeral of your family member that you appreciate their support is to give them a parting gift as they leave. While you may also wish to thank each person verbally and even consider sending emails or notes of thanks in the weeks that follow the funeral, parting gifts can show people that you truly appreciate them attending the funeral and supporting your family during this trying time. There are many different parting gifts that you can consider, and you'll need to also factor in the cost of each one in relation to how many people you expect to attend the service. Here are some gifts to consider handing out.

Flower Seeds

Flower seeds are a nice parting gift to consider for those who attend your loved one's funeral service. Small pouches of colorful flower seeds are affordable, and attendees will be able to plant the seeds at home in their gardens. When the flowers come up, the attendees will smile as they remember the life of the loved one whose funeral they attended. This parting gift is especially valuable if the person whose life you're honoring was an avid gardener or flower lover. In this case, it's ideal to give away seeds of the person's favorite type of flower.


Another option to consider is to give each person a candle before he or she leaves the funeral home. Many people associate candles with funerals and remembrance, so the attendees will appreciate burning the candle at home during special occasions and perhaps sitting with their family members and sharing some pleasant memories about the person who has passed away. If you're really creative, you might wish to even design small labels that can be wrapped around the base of the candles. The label could include the name of the person being honored and his or her dates of birth and death.


You may also wish to think about giving small bottles of wine that people can consume at home to toast the life of your deceased family member. This might especially be appropriate if the person was an avid wine enthusiast or collector. You may be able to have custom labels made up to put on small, single-serving bottles. Like the candle labels, these wine labels could include the person's name and dates of birth and death, as well as a small photo and perhaps a message of thanks from your family.

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