3 Things To Consider Right Now About Your Final Arrangements

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Have you ever considered what will happen after you pass on? Have you ever discussed your wishes with your family and friends? Although death is a sad event that most people don't want to discuss, it's extremely important to make sure that your final wishes are known and are recorded in a safe place. You might currently be under the impression that there isn't much to decide when it comes to final arrangements, but that isn't entirely accurate. There are a number of decisions that you can make now that will impact your funeral and final resting place. A few things that you should consider include:

Cremation or burial: If your religion doesn't require an actual burial, cremation can be a good option. Even the most basic burial can cost several thousand dollars just for the plot of land. Once you add in the cost of burial, the total can be prohibitively high for many people. The fees for cremation are typically much lower. And since your family members can choose to scatter your ashes, store them at home, or purchase a small burial vault to hold the urn, they'll be able to choose the option that is most affordable at the time. 

Funeral decor: Even if you're choosing to be cremated, your family can still hold a regular funeral. A good funeral home will rent out a regular casket, for a nominal fee, so that the funeral can be open-casket and everyone can pay their final respects. You should also decide whether you want flowers or if you'd rather have the flower money used elsewhere. As you probably already know if you've ever sent flowers to someone for any occasion, flowers can be extremely expensive. By forgoing flowers, you can choose to request that people make a donation to your favorite charity instead. While the flowers will only last a couple days, a charitable donation can create a positive impact for years to come.

Burial container: For some people, the type of casket that they end up being buried in or the urn that the ashes are held in after cremation is extremely important. For other people, the container itself doesn't matter. If you're one of the latter types, you should let your family and friends know this. Ornate coffins or urns can be extremely expensive and may form a significant portion of the budget. Using a simple, but still nice, alternative can mean more money for a nicer headstone or other possible expenses.

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