Tips For Funeral Home Decoration

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When you're looking for funeral homes in your area, the aesthetics of your location may come into play. Many families aren't aware of all the ways you can personalize the funeral home space to make it reflect your loved one's interests and personality. Here are some of the best options for personalizing a funeral home for your ceremony. 

Display Works of the Deceased

If your loved one was a craftsman of some sort, you might want to display some of their own works of art in the funeral home. Otherwise, you could create a display of their awards and achievements, including newspaper clippings, trophies, or other testaments to their work. 

Display Tributes

Another idea for commemorating your loved one is to have a corner of the funeral home designated for tributary artwork. You could accept general submissions or have a theme. For instance, you might create a tree sculpture where people can write their thoughts and wishes on decorative leaves and place them on the tree. Another idea is to have paper cranes already made, and guests can decorate them and pin them to a decorative board. 

Use A/V for a Video Montage

Many funeral homes are equipped with audiovisual equipment so that you can display different photos, videos and sound bytes from your loved one. You might consider limiting this footage to the time before the official ceremony begins, so that they aren't distracting from the ceremony. 

Personal Favorites

Another thing to consider is personalizing the standard funeral home offerings, such as flowers and music, to reflect the tastes of your loved one. You may have to bring in your own floral arrangements to get the job done and bring your own music to play over the sound system. These touches can create a more familiar environment in the funeral home, and music especially will allow you to control the mood of the ceremony throughout. 

How to Pull it Off

As you can see, there are many options for interactive art to commemorate the loss of a loved one. If you're planning to bring in a lot of outside decorations, it's important to get it cleared with your funeral director beforehand. Some of the things you bring, such as flower arrangements, may be in direct competition with the funeral home's own services. However, as long as you choose a great funeral home that takes your interests into consideration, they should be willing to accommodate your preferences. 

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